Background Documents, Annexes, Roadmap and Consultation Responses


The Steering Group followed a defined prorocol and undertook a number of consultation exercises with statutory bodies, local residents and businesses during its period of work and used or published a progressive series of Documents based on views and comments submitted. These helped to provide intelligence to its work during its progress towards the finalisation of the Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan now presented. These documents, the responses to the Consultation and the comments on them can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide pdf Click HERE

Annex 1 - Initial Survey pdf Click HERE

Annex 2 - 1st Progress Report pdf Click HERE

Annex 3 - 2nd Progress Report pdf Click HERE

Annex 4 - Housing Survey Report pdf Click HERE

 Annex 5 - List of Consultees pdf Click HERE

Annex 6- HEA Screening pdf Click HERE

Annex 7 - Statistics - pdf Click HERE

Annex 8 - Dwelling Completion pdf Click HERE

Annex 9  Submission Draft Plan pdf Click HERE

Annex 10 Consultation Statement pdf Click HERE

Annex 11 Examiner's Report pdf Click HERE


Pre Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan pdf Click HERE

Consultation Response Form pdf Click HERE

Redacted Responses Click HERE

Comments on Responses to Consultation pdf Click HERE 

Final Consultation Statement Click HERE